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Opening Hours


Due to unforseen circumstances we will not be open on Saturday 10th September. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


We will open for general viewing Tuesdays to Fridays 12-5pm from the 5th March. 


Upcoming Shows




The Big Varieté


September 16th


Doors 7.30pm, show 8pm


The second and last Friday of every month we have a showcase of the new oddities of the Glaswegian cabaret scene. 


Tickets can be bought here for £7, concessions £5 




Things to Come


September 21st

Doors 7.00pm

Show 7.30pm


Ticket can be bought here for £5, Concession £4


As a celebration of the work of H.G. Wells and the 80th anniversary of the cinema release of his film; Things to Come, The Projected Picture Trust will show a restored version of the classic film on a large screen. 




The Drag-Opticon Show


September 23rd

Doors 7.30pm Show starts 8.00pm


The name Panopticon was chosen by A. E. Pickard because he wanted to show that you could see everything in his building - "Pan" meaning everything and "Opticon" meaning to see. Well at our Drag-Opticon nights you are going to see EVERY kind of Drag Queen! From comedy to lip-synching, fishy divas to bearded beauties, we are proud to present to you the best of the flourishing Glasgow drag scene. 


Tickets can be bought here for  £5

Britannia Panopticon Needs a Bar!


The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall is finally getting an entertainment/bar license! 
However we urgently need your help! In order to get our license we need to completely rebuild the ladies loos and improve the gents loos and we simply do not have enough money to do it. Please, please can you help us? If we don't get these improvements done in the next few weeks, our audience capacity will be reduced from 120 to 50!

An entertainment license means we be able to charge ticket prices rather than relying solely on donations, and the bar will be a huge help in fundrasinig for the conservation project to ensure the future of our little music hall (which is the oldest surviving in the world). 

Every pound counts. Thank you so much for supporting us and we hope to see you at our forthcoming events and at our new bar!





To reserve seats please email us on info@britanniapanopticon.org or call us on 0141 553 0840. We do not at this time sell tickets on line, you just reserve seats in advance and pay on the door. 


Please be aware that it is our policy to hold reservations until 10 mins before the start of the show, at which point they will be passed on to the next people in the walk-up queue.

For all you lovers of old theatres, have you heard of "Old Theatres" magazine? Well now you have and it will be available to buy from our little auditorium very soon, so pop by and purchase a copy.



A dedicated team of volunteers have worked in conjunction with the archiving department of Glasgow University to digitise the scrapbooks of one of the great showmen of Glasgow's history and former owner of the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, A. E. Pickard.


These scrapbooks are now available online for the whole world to view. So go on a take a look into the mind of one of the great characters of Music Hall history, and learn a little bit more about our beloved Britannia Panopticon at the same time.

Visit Britannia's profile on Pinterest.

Don't forget, "Glasgow's Lost Theatre - the Story of the Britannia Music Hall"  written by Judith Bowers with Foreword by Michael Grade and published by Birlinn is for sale now for £12.99 from Amazon, Waterstone's, our shop at 49 High Street. 

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Contact Us

For bookings and information please contact: 

Judith Bowers

Britannia Panopticon Music Hall
1st Floor

117 Trongate
G1 5HD

Tel: 0141 553 0840

E-mail: info@britanniapanopticon.org

For the Britannia Panopticon Charity Shop please contact:

Magda Shukis & Alex Brash

Panopticon Curiosity Shop 

49 High Street


G1 1LX

Tel: 0141 552 4467

E-mail : shop@britanniapanopticon.org

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