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30th August 2014

1:30pm & 3:30pm

Admission is free - we charge to get out.

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 Founded in 1857 on the Trongate in Glasgow, Scotland, the Britannia quickly became famed as being the most popular place of amusement in the city and 1500 people would cram themselves onto wooden benches for every show. The audience gained itself a reputation for "leaving no turn unstoned" and over the years the stage saw performances by such greats as Dan Leno, Harry Lauder, Marie Loftus, Charles Coburn, Harry Champion, W. F. Frame and of course, the debut of a sixteen year old Stan Laurel in 1906.


In 1997 the music hall was rediscovered and a team of dedicated volunteers continue to work towards the goal of ultimately restoring this unique and valuable little auditorium. We have regular viewings, exhibitions, bazaars and traditional music halls shows all as part of our fundraising activities.  The hall itself makes for a fantastic venue for photo shoots, lectures, comedy, filming and photography. If you wish to hire the Britannia Panopticon, please contact

This is the original drawing by Evy Craig from which she created her full colour screen print of Stan and Ollie for "The Greats of Comedy" exhibition which was in Britannia Panopticon earlier this year. This fabulous drawing is a one off and is now for sale for £300, with the proceeds going to the Britannia Panopticon campaign fund. If your are interested in buying this beautiful piece of artwork, please email 

Currently we are trying to raise money for: revealing and restoring the original stage, a new entrance, signage, new lights, electrical and fabric survey.

Please use the donate button at the top of the home page and help us save the worlds oldest surviving music hall. Alternatively you can join our supporters and subscribe to the Friends of Britannia Panopticon for £20 per year. Click the Friends tab at the top of this page to subscribe.


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