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For all you lovers of old theatres, have you heard of "Old Theatres" magazine? Well now you have and it will be available to buy from our little auditorium very soon, so pop by and purchase a copy.



The Arthur Conan Doyle Séance

October 9th

Experience a victorian séance with Professor Murray and Madame Fearchara just as the spiritualist and author of Sherlock Holmes did.

£10 per ticket, £8 for concessions & those in Victorian attire.

Call us on 0141 553 0840 to book a spot and ensure your brush with the spirit world.

The Rabbit and Juggler Must Die!


10th October



Family fun with the fabulous Graham Benson: whip cracker, juggler and plate spinner.

(Disclaimer: No real rabbits will be hurt during the course of this show. Although a plushie bunny may be placed in mild peril.)

21st Century Poe: Falling for the Ushers


October 10th


In this retelling of the classic horror tale ‘Fall of the House of Usher’, haunted twins Roderick and Madeline Usher have left behind the misty Gothic manor to become superstars of Glasgow's contemporary art world, thanks to their macabre conceptual installations. But when Madeline's old art school admirer Ed shows up, their tragic downfall is as inescapable as ever.

Marty Ross's unique performing style, combining evocative language with expressionistic mime and gesture, makes full-blown theatre out of the story as he embodies a cast list of larger than life characters.

Glasgow Doors Open Day and Built Heritage Week

Tuesday 15th - Sunday 20th September

Open 11am - 5pm

For more information about other historic buildings in this week long program of events please go to www.glasgowdoorsopenday.com

Don't forget, "Glasgow's Lost Theatre - the Story of the Britannia Music Hall"  written by Judith Bowers with Foreword by Michael Grade and published by Birlinn is for sale now for £12.99 from Amazon, Waterstone's, our shop at 49 High Street. 

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