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Britannia Panopticon Music Hall is available for hire for private events, exhibitions, filming, shows and film screenings that are in keeping with the history of this rare and valuable little music hall.

As it is the oldest surviving in the world the auditorium is not suitable for the following: live rock and pop music shows, modern or political plays and club nights.

Please also note that currently bookings are subject to last minute cancellation due to ongoing conservation works and so to avoid disappointment we prefer not to take bookings more than six months in advance.

Our available opening hours are as follows:
10am - 8.30pm (extended opening times can be arranged)

Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust (and Friends of) is a charity established specifically to raise money and awareness to ensure the future of this valuable piece of entertainment heritage and therefore the trust cannot afford to under-write the cost of electricity, lighting, insurance and staff for hires.

Please note that:

The fabric of the auditorium cannot in anyway be interfered with without prior consultation with Historic Environment Scotland, the owners of the building, The Friends of the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust (SCIO) and Panopticon Trust.

Terms of Use

The terms stated in this document will act as the terms of your contract with us should your application to use The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall as a venue be accepted.

Britannia Panopticon Music Hall is operated by The Friends of Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust (SCIO).

For the purposes of this document the following terms exist.

BPMH – Refers to the venue Britannia Panopticon Music Hall

FBPMHT- Refers to the organisation ‘The Friends of Britannia panopticon music hall trust (SCIO)

Visiting company / Hirer – For this document both terms mean the same thing. This is the person or organisation who is using the venue.

Venue Information

Venue Address: Britannia Panopticon Music Hall

113-117 Trongate


G1 5HD

Access to Britannia Panopticon Music Hall is via New Wynd (between McDonalds Bakers and Mrs Mitchells sweet shop).

The MAX venue capacity which we offer is 100

However, the max capacity which we will allow will be dependent on event / activity being booked. The max capacity for your event ( if different to above ) will be stated on confirmation form.

Please also note that the following activities are not permitted within BPMH: -

Use of Fire including Pyrotechnics and flash paper

Any change / alteration to fabric of the building

Any interaction with back wall of stage in auditorium

We must apologise to bands that although we all enjoy live music, we cannot have loud music and therefore Britannia Panopticon is regrettably not suitable for rock bands or any live music requiring amplification. Acoustic sets are, however, welcome.

How to make a booking

To make a booking to use Britannia Panopticon Music Hall as a venue please first complete the booking enquiry form. Once submitted this will be reviewed by senior staff team who will decide as to whether the booking can be accepted and we aim to give you a response within 14 days.

Should your booking enquiry be successful someone from FBPMHT will contact you to confirm details on form and then issue you with a booking confirmation.

Your booking confirmation should be read and signed then returned along with stated deposit and any other upfront fees as agreed for your booking to be accepted.

Once your booking has been confirmed the visiting company will be assigned an Events Officer who should be your main point of contact. If you need to make any changes to the programme agreed within confirmation you should in the first instance contact your Events Officer who will advise on what actions will need to be taken.

The running of your event

A Duty Manager will be assigned by FBPMHT to act on behalf of the organisation during your event and all instructions given must be followed. The Duty Manager and FBPMHT reserve the right to alter or cancel any event either before or during event if it is felt they have due cause to do so. This includes refusing to allow certain performers to perform if they feel that the performance in anyway will harm BPMH or FBPMHT.

Please be aware that failure to follow instructions given by Duty Manger may result in your event being terminated and the visiting company being barred from using venue in future.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly you have the right to make a complaint to either the Managing Director, Judith Bowers or a Trustee in writing to the address below.

The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust

1st Floor

113-117 Tron gate


G1 5HD

Access arrangements including entry information regarding patrons

Visiting company will only be granted access to venue during times stated on Booking confirmation document this includes:

  • Get in time and date as agreed
  • Performer Arrival times
  • Patron arrival times

Please note that for events open to the public which are ticketed / chargeable the visiting company is requested to ensure that all company members arrive within stated performer arrival times. Company members arriving out with these times and when doors are open to patrons may be refused entry or charged for access. We have had to impose this condition to ensure we do not impede service to patrons. Should for whatever reason there be a special circumstance which means a specific person cannot arrive at specified times please discuss this with your assigned Duty Manager who will endeavour where possible to facilitate an alternative solution. Abuse of this may result in all requests for special circumstance being refused.

Should the visiting company or its members arrive out with the specified times please be aware that FBPMHT cannot guarantee access will be given and if access is granted this may result in an additional charge at the rates stated on confirmation.

Any event which runs over the agreed time (including clean up time) may be billed for additional hours. This includes events operating on a box office split. The rate at which you will be charged is detailed on your booking confirmation form .

If you believe that an over run has been caused due to misconduct or negligence caused by FBPMHT this must be reported during the event using the grievance form which is available from the Duty Manager. If the visiting company and Duty Manager have not both completed and signed this document then your grievance will not be reviewed.

The possession or use of illegal substances is strictly forbidden within BPMH. Anyone found in possession of illegal substances will be reported to the police and removed from the premises.

Due to our licence, we can allow under 18’s in the premises up to 9.30pm

Any event in which under 18’s is permitted access must finish prior to 9.30pm. Any Under 18’s will be asked to vacate the venue at 9.30pm to comply with our licence.

FBPMHT reserves the right to refuse entry including members of visiting company.

FBPMHT operates a challenge 25 policy. For any event / activity which has an age restriction patrons may be requested to provide ID.

Ticketing of events

For events which are ticketed or an entry fee is charged then tickets will be provided by FBPMHT approved vendor and will be organised by FBPMHT. The use of other vendors or self-ticketing is not permitted except with express written permission.

Any events which are free entry but ticketed will incur charges equal to charges we receive from ticketing vendor for printing of tickets and set up of event within ticketing system.

If you require any complimentary or press tickets this should be stated within booking enquiry and will also be detailed on confirmation form. Should the visiting company require additional complimentary or press tickets after the confirmation form has been signed this may incur additional fees. The Fee charged would be the value of ticket to FBPMHT if the ticket had been sold.

This also applies to complimentary tickets offered by FBPMHT where FBPMHT will cover cost of any comps over and above agreed allocation.

Technical Information

The following items of equipment is available within BPMH: -

PA System with 2 Hand Held Microphones

Spot light (Please note that once spot light is positioned it cannot be moved, dimmed or turned off until after event)

Worker lights (Set of 3 Above stage)

Colour changing LED profiles (positioned in front of stage at either side – Non-moving)

Please state in booking form any of this equipment you wish to use. FBPMHT cannot guarantee availability of any equipment which is not detailed in booking enquiry and/or confirmation.

Use of equipment is subject to your technician having received adequate training in its use by FBPMHT prior to event.

If required a technician can be provided for you for an additional fee.

Any equipment you wish to bring with you must have an appropriate PAT certificate and be pre-approved in writing by FBPMHT following inspection and checks by FBPMHT.

FBPMHT can also supply (subject to availability) support with costume (including dressers, alterations and making) and properties (sourcing and /or building) for events. If you require assistance in these areas please mark this on the special requests section. This may incur additional charges.

Bar Provision

FBPMHT operates a licenced bar during events for patrons and visiting company members.

As we have a licence please note that patrons and members of visiting company are not permitted to bring alcohol onto the premises for consumption , Any alcoholic containers which have been opened will be treated as being intended for consumption on premises and as such liable for confiscation and disposal, Anyone in possession of alcohol that is thought to be intended for consumption within premises which was not purchased within venue will have the item confiscated and disposed of and may be asked to leave the building . however visiting company members will receive a discount on selected bar products. This discount is discretionary and only applies to selected items. An itemised price list can be provided on request.

Requests for visiting company to set up a tab system will be reviewed on a case by case basis and a max credit amount will be detailed on confirmation. if you wish to be considered for this then please note this in the special requests section on booking enquiry

Please note that the bar operates a challenge 25 policy.

If for any reason, you require the bar to be closed for part or all your event this must be stated on your booking enquiry within special request section. Please note however that this may incur an additional fee to cover loss of revenue. This charge will be detailed on your booking confirmation.

Marketing Materials:

For all events which are open to the public, the visiting company is required to provide the following marketing materials by date specified on booking confirmation.

Poster image suitable for posting on website and social media platforms

Poster proof in PDF format

Banner image for use on social media

Printed posters in sizes and quantities agreed in confirmation.

FBPMHT can provide if required a design service for these items as well as arrange printing of marketing materials. If you would like to be interested in this please state this on booking enquiry and someone from the marketing and brand team will contact you to discuss requirements.

FBPMHT can also arrange a photo shoot for promotional images to be taken for use in Marketing Materials.

Subject to deadlines events open to the public will be marketed by FBPMHT in the following ways.

Event page on Facebook

Event sharing and promotion on other Social media at discretion of Marketing Manager and Communications Manager

Event publicised on website –

Event shared via external events promotion agencies inc What’s on Glasgow and The List ( At Discretion of Marketing Manager / Communications Manager and the external promotion organisation )

Inclusion in list of events (subject to booking being confirmed before print deadline)

Inclusion in external leaflet (subject to booking being confirmed prior to print deadline) distributed via Direct Distribution marketing stands

Poster Displayed within Britannia Panopticon Music Hall

FBPMHT can also arrange distribution of Marketing Materials to other approved venues within Glasgow (This may incur an additional charge)

Payment information and cancellation policy

Once your booking has been accepted and confirmation sent the visiting company is required to return signed confirmation form along with agreed deposit by date stated on confirmation. Please note until this document has been received along with payment of deposit your booking can not be confirmed.

Following your event, you will receive a settlement summary within 14 days detailing audience figures, box office receipts, any additional fees due and amount due to visiting company.

You have 14 days from issue of settlement summary to contest any part of the settlement in writing. Your query will then be reviewed and responded to within 14 days.

Once the final settlement has been agreed the visiting company is required to submit an invoice to FBPMHT for the amount owed to the visiting company. FBPMHT will then pay the settlement within 14 days.

If you require an invoice template please let us know and a free template will be provided for you.

If for any reason the visiting company decides to cancel the event an event cancellation fee may be payable. The level of cancellation fee will be detailed on your confirmation document and will consider the degree of notice given.

Should FBPMHT cancel your event for any reason other than due to misconduct by visiting company then the visiting company will have the option to either reschedule event if appropriate or receive a refund of deposit. FBPMHT will be liable for no other compensation except in cases where cancellation is caused by negligence on the part of FBPMHT. The closure of venue due to essential repair or conservation works will not be considered as negligence except where there is clear evidence that FBPMHT were aware of works at time of booking.

If the event is cancelled due to misconduct by visiting the company then no refund will be given.

If the event is cancelled due to Force Majeure FBPMHT will not be liable for the payment of any fees however will endeavour to reschedule event where possible.

Additional activities

You must detail all activities which will take place during your event. If your event is to include additional activities including but not limited to: -

  • * Sale of Services (including sale of vouchers or booking of masterclasses, photo shoots and other services)
  • *Raffles/additional fundraising activities (except where the only fundraising activity is the main activity of event, i.e. if you are using venue for a fundraising performance or auction. The actual performance is not considered as an additional activity however if there is also a raffle held this will be considered as an additional activity)
  • * Sale of merchandise (including pre-booking and post event delivery)
  • This may incur additional fees and or commissions. This will be discussed with you prior to the event and detailed on your booking confirmation.
Media Permission

Any event in which the organiser wishes for either part or all the event to be recorded (including audio recording, video recording and photography) must have appropriate media permission by FBPMHT. Failure to gain prior permission may result in your event being cancelled. Any person found to be recording any part of an event within BPMH without express written permission by FBPMHT may be asked to leave, have recording equipment confiscated and if appropriate reported to the relevant authority.

Any media permission given will be accompanied by its own set of conditions and confirmed in writing if permission is granted.

Any photographer/Videographer who has their services engaged to record an event within BPMH must first complete basic training by FBPMHT in Health and Safety, Code of Conduct and Best Practice. The Photographer/videographer must also provide and receive a completed media release form from every person recorded. Failure to receive training or provide adequate release forms will result in the photographer / videographer being unable to record.

During certain events FBPMHT engages the services of our own photographers and Videographers to record for use in our own marketing materials. For events which have received Media Permission it is automatically assumed that the event can be recorded by FBPMHT in this manner. Events which do not have media permission will be contacted prior to event if FBPMHT wish to use event for marketing purposes. Any recording of event by FBPMHT will be made available to event organiser for their use in marketing however the photographer/ videographer credit must always be applied. Failure to apply appropriate credit may result in prosecution due to copyright infringement.

Hire Rates

Please contact us at [email protected] to get information on our rates.

Film and Television Rates

Please contact us at [email protected] to get information on our film and tv rates.